Tuesday, February 15, 2005


On reading SgtB's post about his cat Spike , I noticed that there is a similarity here between our two cats. Shoes is my own black-n-white cat, although the ratio of black to white is more like 50/50 for my boy. Now, I'm sure you wonder why his name is Shoes for short, or Shoes-The-Cat for formal introductions.

The Shoes part started when we had just picked up these two little black and white kittens and brought them home. My Better Half and I toyed with some normal names, but nothing really jumped out at us. This was about 1993, and I was always listening to Rush Limbaugh, so we thought maybe Rush and Dutch would work, and called them by those names for a day or so.

Then one afternoon, BH came rushing up to me and said "I've Got It! Let's call them Shirts and Shoes!". I stared blankly at him for 30 seconds, and finally said "Why?". "Because it's not Socks!". (in case you have forgotten, Socks was Chelsea Clinton's cat's name)

Shirts was a loon, and we found another home for him before he turned 1, but Shoes has been happy as an only cat ever since. Oh, and the formal name? We lived next door to a friend who had a great little boy we got a kick out of. Taylor would ride his big-wheel around the neighboorhood while his dad, Chip, walked beside him, sometimes prompting him to name the various neighbors he could go to if needed. One night they had this conversation while passing my house ...
Chip : Who lives here?
Taylor : Shoes
Chip : Who?
Taylor : Shoes-The-Cat
Chip : Who else? (trying to get my name or my husband's!)
Taylor : Shoe's Mom

So, the cat is officially Shoes-The-Cat, and I am his mom! Gotta love the simple logic, eh??