Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Armorer Speaks, and the Chief has a headache...

The Armorer of Castle Argghhh!, aka John Donovan, has posted his responses for the Interview game today. Oh, he whined a little about the Rulez, but I think it's just a cry for attention - so go read his answers.

While you're there, check out his update on Terri Schiavo, and keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

While you are thinking of her, spend some time contemplating those who are tying to help her, such as this young fellow who was arrested for trying to take water to a dying woman. Hat tip to Bunker for this one.


Rachel has a fine rant on the topic of killing Terri at Blue-Eyed Infidel.

Would it be okay if someone walked up to her bed right now and punched Terri in the face? Why not? Why can't someone just physically beat on her until she dies. She can't defend herself any more than she can feed herself. The courts have declared that she is to die, so why not speed it up? Choke her. Put a pillow over her face. You don't even have to be violent about it, just use tape to close off her nostrils and cover her mouth completely. It will only take a few minutes.

If she's a vegetable, she won't know. She's incapable of suffering by starvation, then she's incapable of suffering by suffocation.

So why in holy hell is everyone okay with her taking a week or more to die instead of five minutes? WHY?? Because five minutes would be "murder" and up to two weeks is "respecting Terri's wishes"?

Go read the whole thing - it'll help you build up a nice head of steam as well...

For some good news out of Iraq, which actually made the major news outlets, check out Major K's Another Big Score.... Of course, he also points out the other story that the newsies may have missed.

On the Lighter side ...

Chief Bill the Rotorhead provides some background on how just reading the regs will cause mental anguish. Is it any wonder that pilots are a bit teched??

Finally, you should not leave a Gnome on guard duty when traveling away from your blog! Boudicca explains why here.