Monday, March 07, 2005

Blogging the Military and the White House...

First item of consideration today is the approval of the first blogger to be given White House press credentials. As reported today in the NY Times technology section :

Another signal moment for bloggers is to occur this morning, when Garrett M. Graff, who writes a blog about the news media in Washington, is to be ushered into the White House briefing room to attend the daily press "gaggle."

Mr. Graff, 23, may be the first blogger in the short history of the medium to be granted a daily White House pass for the specific purpose of writing a blog, or Web log. A White House spokesman said yesterday that he believed Mr. Graff was the first blogger to be given credentials.

He is being given a press pass as the editor of FishbowlDC , a blog that is published by, which offers networking and services for journalists.


Here is a link to Garrett's first entry, I encourage everyone to add this blog to their BlogRoll, and patronize it well and respectfully to help encourage this brave new venture! Thanks to buddy Max for the hat tip.

MilBlogs in the News

In other blogging news, Matt at Blackfive notes that this week's edition of Army Times will carry a piece on MilBloggers. He includes this link to a preview list of the blogs to be reviewed, which includes some great MilBlogs that I have included on my blogroll, and adds some new ones that will bear checking out :
Some of these bloggers are former military, most are active, and many are currently in Iraq - or have recently returned to their pre-deployment bases. Note that this doesn't always mean the US, as Grayhawk of Mudville Gazette, the Cowboy and Cat from The Questing Cat, and Neil of Armor Geddon are all back in Germany.

If you want to read news from the folks who bring you the freedom of the press, check these sites out. If you want more, scan the MilBlog ring from Mudville Gazette, or roll down Blackfive's sidebar - opportunities abound!

So go read, and leave comments to let them know you've come to visit.

** UPDATE -- Band Of Bloggers on ArmyTimes**

According to Blackfive , the ArmyTimes issue is live online.

Below are the articles on the MilBlogs:
The Blogs Of War (New MilBlogging Article)
A Penny For Their Thoughts (MilBloggers Cash In?)
Learning FromBlogs (Editorial)