Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Money can't buy Happiness, But ...

Gramaugus at Frizzen Sparks poses a great challenge : Respond to the Meme " If money were not an issue, what 5 Really Expensive Toys would I buy for myself?"

They have to be legal to own (at least where I live), and there's no reason for owning them required - except that I Want To!

My Picks --

1. To start with, I want a Hummer - the H1, not the smaller H2, any color but yellow. (MSRP of $137,508)

2. If Sgt B can get an extra Ma Deuce (his list has 4 of them!), I will have item 1 customized to provide a mount for it!

3. Since it will make no sense at all to drive said beast around the Seattle environs, I'd buy a large spread with a few hundred acres, east of the Cascades, with room to spread out and make noise.

4. For the commutes between the country home and the city home, I would get my helicopter license and buy a nice helo big enough to carry me and the Better Half, plus a couple of friends, over the pass between Seattle metro and the country spread. I'm still researching which model - look for an update later!

5. Finally, I need to add an Endless Pool to the house, in its own little sunroom off the back of the house.

Add your list here in comments, or share a link if you blog your list - and make sure to update Gramaugus to close the loop !

... John at Castle Argghhh! has posted his list, complete with pictures. Go check it out!