Friday, April 15, 2005

Friday links

John Donovan looks at an article from Ralph Peters ... and has a few points of his own to add. Go read Ralph's Clashing Military Cultures first, then go read Stupid Officer Tricks, and don't miss the comments. Castle Argghhh is a very 'Jointy' site, with active and retired military folks from all of the services, the discussion could get lively!

Meanwhile, Jack of Random Fate provides some food for thought on the effects of bad manners by certain blog owners...

If we want weblogs to be taken seriously, we cannot participate in these high school level shenanigans such as deleting opposing views in which Paul at Wizbang indulges, and Kevin, the supposed owner of Wizbang allows.

Otherwise, the accusations of the so-called MainStream Media will stick, and collectively we don't deserve to be taken more seriously than any ranting idiot on the street corner since we choose not to police our own.

This is in reference to blog comments being removed, not because they are trollish and crude, or contain foul language, but because the viewpoints expressed are not in line with those of the blog owner. As Jack points out, this will be our downfall if we do not take care of our own.

One of the best features of Castle Argghhh has been the ability for people with varying viewpoints to express them respectfully, to disagree without rancor, and to sometimes agree to disagree. If we all agreed all of the time, on every topic, we would be bored quickly. Instead we have discourse, and are better for it.


Cass clues us in to an amazing event -- Good News in the GWOT! Of course, the news isn't what really amazes us - it is the fact that it is reported...

For eye candy - check out today's cannon pics at the Castle, or scan the fun offerings provided by Bill, who is pushing the rating envelope again! Bill also points out that Kat of The Middle Ground scored a radio mention - You Go, Girl!

It turns out that Sgt B is a Beast, in more ways than one, and AFSister provides a little comic relief to cheer us up.

Fellow denizen Alan is vacationing, and reports on the Fenway Fight which took some of the fun out of beating the Yankees.

And Punctilious is talking about taking the family to Disneyland, and requests advice. I advised her to take me with her ... Heh!