Thursday, April 14, 2005

Old Media

It's tempting to use the old saw "If it bleeds, it leads" when observing the stories chosen for headline emphasis in the so called Old Media these days. But perhaps it is even simpler than that.

Check out David Limbaugh's column on the topic in Old media on Iraq: Good news not newsworthy ...

I realize many just chalk up the media's emphasis on bad news as intrinsic to journalism: the attitude that if nothing is going wrong, it's not really newsworthy. But that just doesn't wash.

How could anyone seriously contend that a reduction in the anarchy isn't newsworthy? What could be more important than signs indicating we might have turned the corner on the "insurgency"?

While we heard a daily drumbeat of despair and an ongoing tabulation of American dead when things were looking bleaker -- a look, I might add, that was meticulously cultivated by the Old Media -- we hear nothing but a thundering silence today.

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