Thursday, April 28, 2005

Supporting the Military

There are some great charities around who are working hard to provide comfort for our men and women in uniform, and Soldiers' Angels is one of my favorites. Their motto is "May No Soldier Go Unloved", and the number of ways they follow through on this promise grows every day.

It is because of Blackfive that I first checked out this fine group, and his support of it has just expanded. For those of us who've been waiting for Blackfive T-Shirts, the day has arrived! Order your Blackfive - Paratrooper of Love T-Shirt today, and Matt will donate a portion of each purchase to the Soldiers' Angels group. What a wonderful way to get something cool to wear, and support the troops at the same time!

While you're over at Blackfive, check out his series Caring for the Defenders for other ideas on ways that you can help. Also, check out some of these groups :

The Fisher House Foundation
Special Operations Warrior Fund
Operation Hero Miles

All of these groups, and many others, do a fine job of caring for the whole military Family - because the troops do not serve alone - their families sacrifice along with them.