Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Prayer offensive?

A Tacoma woman was contacted recently with a complaint regarding her choice of words on her car's license plate. Apparently Jane Milhans has a custom plate which gave offense to an unnamed person, who then complained to the Washington Dept of Licensing.

The unnamed complainant said she was offended that she had to be 'prayed over' by a license plate. The Horror! That someone should offer a prayer for another person is just so ... unbelievable! I also heard on the radio that Ms. Milhans had owned this custom plate for 16 years, and wondered how many people might have been offended - but reluctant to come forward.

What offending words are we talking about here?

John 3:16

As reported by KOMO News, the complaint was reviewed and the license plate in question found not to be offensive.

I am so relieved that Ms. Milhans has been allowed to keep the custom plate that she has had for 16 years. It still boggles my mind that anyone found offense in this simple string of letters and numbers, and the verse which they represent.

In my search for the above link, I found a similar item in Vermont. In that case, a request a plate with any variation on the phrase was rejected because "Officials claim car tags property of state so can't endorse religion". After all, we all know that all the other custom plates represent that State government's position on the world, don't we?