Friday, June 17, 2005

Recruiter to be Interviewed on NPR

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and read Blackfive, then you may recall Matt's post about a Marine Corps Recruiter, after a local Seattle newspaper printed a wild tale of recruiting supposedly gone overboard.

If you haven't read that post - you should do so first, as the article is included along with very useful notations from Matt. Be sure to go through the comments as well ... very illuminating!

The story in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer painted a picture of over the top recruiting, including "a relentless barrage of calls" and other actions by a Marine Corps recruiter that I found hard to swallow. In addition, the author of the story claimed her "request to speak with the sergeant who recruited Axel and with the Burlington office about recruitment procedures went unanswered."

Maybe they just didn't ask nicely? Whatever the reason, others were able to perform interviews, and NPR (among others) was able to talk with the recruiter, Staff Sergeant Marquez, regarding the story.

I spent some time last month visiting with the Army recruiters at the South Jackson recruiting office, when the local anti-recruiting forces came out in force on (of all days) Armed Forces Day. I found them to be very pleasant and easy to talk with, and extremely professional in manner. So I am looking forward to hearing the interview on NPR this Saturday between noon and 2pm, on KUOW 94.9-FM, during the Weekend America program. The interview with SSgt Marquez, who is based in Bellingham, WA, will be one of the items featured in the program.


I neglected to express my gratitude to Staff Sergeant Marquez and Mrs. Marquez for coming forward, and alerting us to the interview, and for their service to the country. Recruiters have the toughest job in the service, and military wives sacrifice in ways I can't being to understand. Thank You!!

Check out the Part Two update over at Blackfive, complete with a picture that's definitely worth the proverbial thousand words.

Not that Matt is at a loss for the right words. Here are a few describing the works of the so-called author :

Susan Paynter is a muck-raking, shrill, mean, and talentless hack who's knack for smoke, mirrors, and untruth is matched only by Howard Dean and Dick Durbin and Al Sharpton.