Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Too little... Too late

So Sen. Durbin thinks that we are buying his little apology today, does he? His words today mean nothing, after the insulting and demoralizing remarks he made last week, comparing the treatment of Gitmo detainees to the regime of Pol Pot, or to the treatment of prisoners in the Soviet gulags.

If you haven't heard or read a transcript of his words, you can find both included in the post over at RadioBlogger.

I have some words for him, by the way ... Next time, Senator - THINK about the effect you have on our troops when you speak. They deserve that much, and more.


Steve at Digital Brown-Pajamas puts Durbin's words into context with the rest of his party, and suggests that maybe some people need new glasses.

Meanwhile, for counterpoint, Smash accepts the apology, and is ready to move on.