Friday, July 22, 2005

Homeland (in)security

I heard on the radio this morning that a local construction worker in the third Runway project at SeaTac airport was fired recently, after expressing concerns over the level of security at the project.

The workers are in the process of flattening and earth moving to prepare the land for the third runway, next to the end of the two existing runways. A simple chain-link fence surrounds the existing airport grounds, and there has been almost no security in evidence at the construction entrance.

The heavy equipment operator, it turns out, envisioned that someone with ill intent could essentially drive one of the earth movers or heavy trucks right through the fence to gain access to the rest of the airport. So he reported this to his management, and now has lost his job. The story hasn't hit the news yet, but I will be watching to see where this goes.

On a much larger scale, this ties to the issue of global nuclear concerns in Scratching at the Door over at the Castle. Thanks for ruining the rest of my breakfast, Bill.