Friday, July 08, 2005

Looking Around...

MSG Keith kicks off his Now and Then series. Also - check out his sidebar, which links back to all of the posts created at the Castle during his tour in Afghanistan this past year.

It's not too late to join in the Caption Contest over at Cassandra's place. Just one thing -- some people should not wear leather...

Sgt B has a message of solidarity with our British friends, including a little visual mnemonic for the terrorists.

Kat ponders appeasement and short memories regarding terrorists.

In response to the bombings in London, Alan at GenX at 40 encourages us to Go About.

Punctilious hosts this week's Carnival of the Recipes #47 ... Yummy!
... Almost forgot ... You should also check their Digested Readers, a new Book carnival. Excellent if you need to find good reading material!
(Hint, MSG Keith!)

Speaking of food - SWWBO is concerned about how the Olympic athletes will survive on British food. Meanwhile, the Armorer is annoyed at silly Army tricks, but appreciates the Spirit of the British people.

AFSis gives us some reunion images - both hers, and a father meeting his son. Go wish her well, she's feeling punk...

Bad Cat Robot is off de- and re-constructing her home space.

Meanwhile, Jack is taking some time off - but left lots of folks with keys to the blog. Some very interesting posts - make sure to scroll down and catch the various authors.