Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday Gun Pr0n

I was wandering around at Cowboy Blob's the other day, and found him musing about the number of .22 pistols a man needs. Turns out the answer in his case is 5, and he has precise reasons for each one. Even better - he has Gun Pr0n ... a nice picture of all 5 to admire.

And admire I did, especially when I spotted the S&W 622. I recognized it instantly, because I have one of these sweet little items as well. Actually, 'little' is a bit incorrect ...

click for larger image

With a 6 1/2 inch barrel, it is not the smallest, but v-e-r-y accurate, even in the hands of an amateur (me).

I don't have 5 different .22 pistols, but here's a pic of the handguns that the Hubster and I keep around ...

Click for larger image

Clockwise from the 622 in the upper right, the rest are a Ruger Security-Six (.357), an SW9V (9mm), and a S&W .40 caliber. Nice grouping, eh?