Friday, August 26, 2005

Another Gold Star Mother speaks

As I noted here before, I'm afraid that Mrs. Sheehan is becoming a caricature of a grieving mother, and honestly is undermining her very cause by allowing herself to be used.

Susan Sutter in Bothell, Washington (near Seattle) recently wrote an eloquent response that was printed in the King County Journal. My friend Dunnermeister has the report. Of note - this letter was printed in the paper version of the Journal, but was not available online. I don't subscribe, so I'm not sure if this is a standard practice.

Mrs. Sutter also spoke about her support for her son's mission in a letter to the Seattle Times recently. (free registration required)

I think this statement wraps up her position quite well :

When my son signed on the dotted line to protect his country with his life, I signed with him. He accepted the risks and so did I as his parent, and I respect him for his decision to join. Your son knew the risks, too.

Support your fellow man by helping to support the troops and their families — help them get the job done so they can come home.

Well said, Mrs. Sutter.

*UPDATE* Dunnermeister has a new post related to the previous letter from Mrs. Sutter. He also has a picture of her son, Jake Herring, who was killed while serving in Iraq.

In other places ...

There is a group sponsored by Move America Forward which has been making it's way to Crawford (trip itinerary here) The "You don't speak for me" tour is due into Crawford today.

Mrs. Sheehan has announced that her vigil won't end when the President returns to Washington, she will start a bus tour that will land in the capital in September. (From the Mudville Gazette Dawn Patrol)

Chuck at From My Position shares a different kind of letter, from a President to a grieving mother. He also shares his responses to some questions posed by a reader.

On the flip(pant) side, if you would like to be offended, feel free to visit Snark Patrol, and let Snarkatron do the job for you. Don't say you weren't warned!