Thursday, August 18, 2005

A caricature of grief

The stand-off in Texas continues, with Cindy Sheehan demanding that President Bush talk with her again. When I first heard of this story, I was sad to see how the loss or her son had affected the grieving mother.

But now, as this continues to drag on, and the statements get sillier and more bizarre, all I see is a cartoon figure. Cindy Sheehan has tried to hold herself up as a symbol for all grieving mothers who have lost a son or daughter in the war. Instead, she has created a caricature of grief, and no longer resembles reality.

Her Sheehanigans (to borrow Bloodspite's phrase) include founding a group that wants to impeach President Bush. Not just for the war in Iraq, but for the Afghanistan war as well!

But wait ... it isn't all bad. There are benefits to her passing over to the dark side where reality doesn't visit. We don't have to take her seriously any more. Which makes ridicule much more fun.

Such as Cindy in stocks, from Andrea at Least Loved Bedtime Stories v. 2.0.

Or the wonder of finding an image in your grilled cheese sandwich ... sheer genius from Robb at Sharp as a Marble.

I wonder if Cindy will be like the old Star Trek (original show) episode, where the floating light entity fed off of the fighting between the Enterprise crew and the Klingons, until Kirk convinced them all to laugh ... and drove the evil spirit away?

We can hope, can't we?


Go check out Adventures with Cindy at This Blog is Full of Crap, much more fun to be had. H/T to James at The Partamian Report.

And further thanks to Andrea for pointing out Ace of Spades' list of Top Ten Questions Cindy Sheehan has for President Bush!