Thursday, August 25, 2005

Checkin' things out

At the Castle, John has a great quote from down under on Project Valour-IT, and a funny bit about submarine testing in Idaho - all to be found here.

Cool Blue covers the quote as well, and rounds out with the latest update on the project with Tally-Ho. Not a bad start folks, but there's more to do!

The best news today is revealed by the WereKitten over at Castle Argghhh - Today we celebrate CW4(ret)BillT's birthday!


So what do you get for a man who has given up his Rotorhead title for ground level pursuits? Since Bill has been spending his spare time rearranging rocks and digging holes in the backyard to complete his beautiful pond, I think he just needs a little mermaid to keep watch over his fish.

Or maybe just a picture of a mermaid for his desktop.

Go visit the Castle and leave Bill a birthday greeting!