Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Quick Links

If you've already donated to Project Valour IT ... Thank You! If you haven't, or are curious what it is all about, head over to their site to catch up on the latest. Meanwhile, Sgt B takes a look at Hands and accomplishing tasks.

Also - go listen to Fuzzybear Lioness in her first podcast for Project Valour IT, thanks to Holly Aho and the wonderful Soldiers' Angels folks!

Chuck, meanwhile, proves that his sense of humor is totally intact (or at least as broken as it has ever been) with a little Tank Pr0n.

MSG Keith tells what he did for summer vacation.

Over at Villainous Company, Cassandra has seized the Moral High Ground on Judge Roberts. The picture alone is worth the visit!

Sean from Doc in the Box provides directions on how to get bloggers to shut up!

Other attendees at the blog-b-que included John and Beth Donovan, Neptunus Lex, Da Goddess, and the Smashes. By the way - Smash had a little surprise after returning from his 2 weeks at Mabel - he needs to find a new job! Help him out, if you can.