Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Role Models

I don't really care whether Rafael Palmeiro used steroids or not, lied or not, any of it. Most sports figures are not great role models - they just happen to be people with physical gifts, who get paid way too much money.

Everett (WA) resident Jennifer Cabanayan hasn't done a lot yet, either. But she's young, and she's working on something worthwhile. Last year she wore a sash that said "Miss Everett Teen USA 2004". In a little over a week, she will trade that for something a little more on the green side.

Miss Everett Teen USA Enlists In The Army
August 1, 2005

EVERETT - Miss Everett Teen USA 2004 is putting away her sash to put on a U.S. Army uniform.

Last summer, Jennifer Cabanayan appeared at community events, including the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival and the National Night Out Against Crime, as Miss Everett Teen USA 2004. Now she has enlisted in the Army and will leave for boot camp at Fort Jackson, S.C., on Aug. 11.

The petite brunette says Army service has always been in the back of her mind.

"I'm capable, I'm healthy. This is the right thing to do," said Cabanayan, who attended Cascade and Marysville-Pilchuck high schools before earning her GED. "I cannot wait for that moment of putting on a uniform. It gives you that honor."

Her plan includes airborne jump school after basic training. Her grandfather served with an Army Airborne unit in Vietnam -- the apply truly does not stray far from the tree!

The Miss Everett Teen USA title was a way to have a voice. "If smaller kids think you're a princess, they might listen more," Cabanayan said. Last November, she competed in the state pageant. Her Everett reign ended in May.

This young lady is someone that a young girl (or boy) can look up to. Instead of being a princess, she will become a soldier ... and I congratulate her on the choice.

Thanks again, Ry!


The Anchoress also has a post on this, and points back to her source at Ace of Spades.