Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sunday links

Toni talks Thongs - for Men! Warning ... Spew alert!

When I saw "the asshole is back" over at the tiny blog, I was intrigued. Partly because Seattle was mentioned, and partly to find out if she really is an asshole. So I went to I, Asshole, and scanned, read, wandered about ... until I found "She drives me Crazy"! Go read ... she's a hoot - and she totally nails the average Seattle driver!!!

Thanks to Beth of SWWBO for a fine collection of links today, such as Cassandra's announcement re: Judge Roberts, and the reminder about the Carnival of the Recipes hosted at SarahK's place.

AFSister contemplates giving birth to a stick of butter ... kinda! She's on vacation this week -- feel free to leave a comment or ten to welcome here home. *Grin*

Thanks to James over at Partamian Report, I know now that Simunitions will hurt, when they find the right spot! Plus, I am certain that James and I share a rude sense of humor!!!

Be sure to catch up with Fuzzybear Lioness on the yet-to-be-named project to assist the wounded at Walter Reed (and elsewhere). Her story of Two Fathers made me misty-eyed today - go read!

Finally - Mustang23 has a Caption Contest you can participate in. And if you are really bored, you can try out get addicted to the snazzy little game he posted a few days ago. I can't touch his high-score, and believe me ... I've Tried!!