Monday, November 28, 2005

Giving Thanks ... Good News from Iraq

Check your own local newspapers to see if this nice little item made it to print where you live. I couldn't find it here in Seattle's papers at all ...

Iraqi Red Crescent thanks U.S. with $1 million for Katrina relief
By Paul Martin
November 25, 2005

Iraq's Red Crescent relief organization found its own way to mark the Thanksgiving holiday yesterday by announcing that it had sent a $1 million "thank you" donation to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The sum, transferred by wire on Sunday, amounts to 20 percent of the organization's annual budget.

"I wish we could have a billion dollars to give," Said Hakki, the organization's president, said by telephone from Baghdad. "Even then, it is not enough to show our appreciation for what the U.S. has done for Iraq and is still doing."

The donation was made with the approval of the office of Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and is thought to mark the first time that Iraq has sent aid to the United States.

"Giving thanks is an Iraqi tradition as well as an American one. This is the minimum we could do after the Americans shed their blood in our country, mixing their blood with ours," he said.

He said the overthrow of dictator Saddam Hussein was "a blessing from God, and the U.S. was His tool."

H/T to LindaSoG, who posted this at It's a Matter of Opinion, as well as at Something ... and Half of Something.