Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Links

Today's the day to visit Castle Argghhh, and help push John, Bill and Dusty over the 1 million mark for visitors. Make sure you leave a comment, so that your IP will be registered - or John won't know who you are!

For fun, check in on Sugar Buttons (Bill like the attention, really he does!), and get a little artillery fix for the day. Eight inch guns - whoo hoo!

I like Snarkatron's method for handling unwanted solicitations from the *spit* NY Times!

Blog offspring America's Son reminds us to Be Proud, America. He's also found a new way to drain off Bingo's excess energy ... her name's Dita, and she's another 4-legged Marine.

Kat of TheMiddleGround notes that there is strength in numbers - more women voters than men are now registered in the Afghanistan voting rolls!

Fuzzybear Lioness revisits Arlington National Cemetery for part III of her travelogue.

AFSister shares a tidbit from the Duh moments archive for today.

Sgt B is pipe blegging ... be a sport and leave him a word of encouragement, won't you?

She Who Will Be Obeyed has some good news on coffee drinking. Not that I was slowing down, or anything - but good to know!

Whatever you do, do NOT torture poor Maggie with sweets - especially not those lovely little M&M things. She's doing that Atkins thing, and missing her comfort food!