Monday, May 22, 2006

New Idiots and Old Adversaries

I started reading this post at Smash's place, about a weasel claiming to be an anti-war soldier. An Army Ranger, no less! (Hey, if you're going to impersonate a soldier, do it in style.) The first link in the post takes you off to the web site of a group that I recognize. I ran into some of the folks from SocialistAlternative-dot-Org 1 year and 1 day ago, outside of an Army recruiting office on Jackson St. in Seattle.

The purported reason for the protest last year was that some high school students and their parents were upset at recruiting practices. I did see a few parents, and maybe some of the youngsters were there as well. But the big attendees and noise-makers present were from SocialistAlternative, and it was obvious they were the driving force for the day. Luckily, it was a small protest, and except for the rudeness of some of the fellow observers, it was a pleasant day.

So now we see the SA folks are trying to use another approach, finding a malcontent who wants to tell us all just how badly the troops behaved in Iraq. Another Winter Soldier, as it were. Except that experienced soldiers all over the blogosphere are ripping his claim of being a Ranger to shreds. In fact, it seems he might not have served in the Army at all. Gee - it's time to ask for someone's DD-214 again.

Check out Smash and Allahpundit, they've got the scoop, and keep tabs at Milblogs central for the latest on this and other stories.