Monday, June 12, 2006

Time to Act - The wounded need Your help

Last year Soldiers'Angels stepped up (again!) and formed Project VALOUR IT [Voice Activated Laptops for OUR Injured Troops]. This wonderful project provides injured troops from all services with more than just a computer.

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When a Marine or Soldier has suffered brain injuries, or lost parts of their hands or arms, or suffered nerve damage - they are challenged with the simplest tasks at times. Meanwhile, they are often far from their home and loved ones, and the simple act of writing a letter may be a daunting task, or completely impossible.

This is where VALOUR IT steps in, providing not just a laptop and voice control software, but a key to the outside world. It's a means to communicate with friends at home, and back in the battle zones ... a tool for independence ... a place to record daily journals ... a way to see pictures of their family. It is, most importantly, something that will boost their confidence and independence, and help speed their healing.

Sounds great, doesn't it? It is great ... but there are 11 wounded servicemembers on the waiting list right now who need to know how great that feeling can be. The Mayday call came out from Patti Bader last week ... they need $7000 to provide these brave heroes with laptops - and we need your help.

The VALOUR IT blog has some great links to examples of the positive impact these laptops have for their recipients. People like Chuck Ziegenfuss (the inspiration behind the project), Buzz Robertson and others.

Check in with Fuzzybear Lioness, and the Armorer of Argghhh! Or go directly to the Project VALOUR IT site and add some green to the till. Even a few dollars will help, but if you feel like making a big statement, check out the offer John is making ... donate $100, and the first 10 folks to do so (and email John the receipt), will receive a Cluebat of Argghhh!

Heh -- better act fast -- 3 people have jumped in already, and the Cluebats are going fast!