Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday links

Tha Armorer has a must-read Denizen linkfest posted today ... don't miss the discussions he points to on immigration and the intel community. John and Beth also represented the Castle well this week, as the Leavenworth community paid their respects to Cpl David Unger. Rest in peace, soldier.

Fellow Denizenne Maggie points out something scary for Halloween, with hat tip to the guys at Op-For. *Brrrr* ... makes me shudder.

Kate of Small Dead Animals links to an enjoyable slap-down of CNN by Lynn Cheney. Smack 'em until they apologize!

Beccy Cole's terrific video is all over the web, linked at Argghhh and Blackfive, among others. I'm posting it here for the few folks who might not have seen it yet.

Beccy Cole supports her troops ... my hat's off to her and the Diggers she loves.