Tuesday, October 31, 2006

There they go again

Just when I think the Dems have reached their lowest level, one of them grabs a shovel and starts digging.

The Washington 8th District Congressional race has been closer than I would have liked, with incumbent Dave Reichert (R) battling against newcomer Darcy Burner (D) to retain his seat.  This is Washington, after all - home to "Baghdad" Jim McDermott.  However, the Burner campaign is doing something that could be just the lever we need to throw water on their efforts. 

A new flyer from the Burner campaign uses/abuses the well-known image of an American Soldier comforting a dying Iraqi child captured by Michael Yon last year.  The flyer features this iconic image along with the words "They won't tell the truth about how bad it is."! 

First to report on this was Stefan Sharkansky, at Sound Politics.  His update today confirms that the image was not used with Yon's permission...

"It's a copyright infringement, it's a legal matter," D.C. attorney John Mason told me ... Mason said that Yon turned down a request from the Republican Party to use it in campaign literature this year.

"Mike's not a political guy. Mike does not want the photo used for any message. He wants it to stand alone."

Stooping pretty low there, dems.