Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Continue the Mission - Project Valour-IT

So the Dems are dancing in the streets and the halls of Congress, and there's a new guy taking over the DoD. Lots of folks wanted change - and bless their flabby little hearts, they got what they wished for.

We still have a mission to accomplish, and a considerable distance to go before we are done. While the 'peepul' were voting, some amazing changes took place in the standings of the Valour-IT teams. For a day or so, the Marine Team took the lead from the Army Strong Team, and then the Army got it back in gear and regained the top spot. Then at some point, the Navy Team suddenly popped to the top with a commanding lead. On election day, no less ... Hmmmmmmm.

Regardless, last time I checked the Army team had about $29K - about $16K short of our goal. That means we still need to empty out the piggy banks and search the junk drawers for loose change to toss in the (Army) pot. Remember, folks - this is about helping our wounded - and each cent you give goes towards helping a laptop to match up with a troop whose life has been changed by injuries. They fought for us, now we have to fight for them.

Go Army!  Beat Navy!!!

It's easy. You can even bid on cool stuff - just check out the Valour-IT Auctions. Or go check out the Cluebats designed by the Armorer of Argghhh - you can't get these just anywhere! Especially good for whacking those moonbats in your world.