Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day ... Go Vote!

Election Day Election day seems like it should be a whole day event. Mandatory time off from work, at least a half day, to allow everyone plenty of time to vote - no excuses. It really disturbs me that some people, otherwise smart and well-informed, do not vote. Maybe they figure they'll go after work, and then 'get busy'. Or perhaps they simply don't want to be bothered.

That's hard to imagine in this time and day. Global events and polarized domestic politics make it imperative that each of us does our part. Whatever your beliefs and desires for your community and state, and for the country as a whole - your voice matters, and your vote is very much needed.

Besides, as I wrote two weeks ago ... we owe it to every man and woman in Iraq and Afghanistan, every active duty or reserve troop, and every veteran to use the rights they defended to our fullest.

Before voting, make sure you read *all* of Bill Whittle's latest essay at Eject! Eject! Eject! -- Seeing the Unseen (part 1). Worth the wait, as always.

"But sometimes all the solutions are awful, and it is the mark of an responsible adult, and a responsible adult nation, to realize that some problems you can not get around. Some problems you have to go through. "

Sanger at The Grand Retort reminds us how much Voting Matters.

Matty at Blackfive gathers input from a most important source : The Troops themselves.

Speaking of the troops, Sgt Hook has another fine production posted up for your enjoyment ... don't miss it!