Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Marines!

I just want to wish all active and former Marines and spouses (they also serve!) Happy Birthday!

Here are the blogs of just a few active and former Marines so you can visit and leave a Birthday greeting:
The Gun Line
One Marine's View
Straight White Guy
Drunken Wisdom
America's Son
Adventures of Chester
Grim's Hall
Villainous Company
The Word Unheard
Major Mike
Halls to the Shores
Evangelical Outpost
Grendel's Dragon
Random Firings
Stacking Swivel
Flight Pundit
Social Sense
Daisy Cutter

In time for the birthday, there is a new museum in Washington, D.C. ... The National Museum of the Marine Corps. OoRah! go check out the pretty pictures - including the glass-encased flag from Iwo Jima. I've already placed this site on my wish list for a future trip to the capitol.

National Museum of the Marine Corps

Meanwhile, we are still engaged in the battle to raise funds for the Valour-IT project for Soldiers' Angels. Thanks to everyone who has donated, and for the rest of you, please consider a donation for this worthy cause!