Monday, November 20, 2006

Spread a little Christmas Cheer

I had the best time joining with 100+ fellow military supporters at a pack event arranged by the local Operation Support our Troops organization. They raised enough funds through our local radio stations, including 570-KVI, to send over 7000 stockings to troop units in Iraq and Afghanistan. So the assembly lines were formed, and the OSOT 'troops' and volunteers (including myself, BCR and her sibling) stuffed stockings full of goodies until the stocking supply ran out. What a great feeling when the trailer full of boxes headed off to the Post Office!

The next mission on the horizon (after Thanksgiving - more on that later) is to help spread some Christmas cheer for a Ft. Lewis family. The program is called "Operation: Christmas Wish", and is sponsored by Operation Homefront / Washington Chapter. The Hubster and I found out about this program last year, too late to take part. This year we are starting early...

Grant a Christmas Wish

If you want to help grant the Christmas wishes of a military family, or provide dinner, or just donate to this good cause - click here, or on the picture above to get the details.

Sgt. Hook also writes about a similar program for his unit, and is accepting donations in the Angel Basket on their behalf as well. I'm thankful for many things - my health, a job that rewards me in many ways, a wonderful family, great friends (including all of you!), and the flag of freedom flying over my head. It only makes sense to help ensure that the men and women who preserve the rights of freedoms of this great country should have comfort and joy as well.