Thursday, February 24, 2005

Cascade County ... Has a nice ring to it

Sgt B over at The Gun Line recently wrote about a proposal to split Washington state into two parts. Another proposal regarding geographic splits in the state is pending as well. What we now refer to as East County might someday become Cascade County.

The King County Journal yesterday contained "A County Without Seattle", which noted a hearing set for today, Feb. 24, to review the legislation proposed by Rep. Toby Nixon (R-Kirkland):

The divorce between Seattle and everyone else in King County could become final if the state Legislature adopts a bill to create Cascade County.

The legislation, House Bill 2074, was introduced by state Rep. Toby Nixon, R-Kirkland, who represents the 45th Legislative District.

Rural residents have found an ally in Nixon in their fight to shake off control over their property and lives by what they say is a Seattle-centric county government.

Some rural leaders call the relationship between Seattle and rural residents a divorce waiting to happen. <...>

I think that this proposed legislation has a stronger chance of seeing further consideration than the state splitting concept. After all, Eastern King County residents are still up in arms over the CAO (Critical Areas Ordinance), which limits how rural land can be used and developed. The group Citizen's Alliance for Property Rights continues to battle with the King County board on the restrictions of the CAO.

I have yet to talk to a neighbor who wants the CAO - even if our property is not large enough to be directly affected by it. Not being able to develop 66% of your land is ludicrous, just to provide a pretty greenway for the city dwellers to drive through on the weekend, and feel that they are 'doing something for the environment'. Phooey!

Cascade County ... Sounds good, doesn't it ?