Sunday, January 27, 2008

My family has grown!

The new entry in my sidebar is my BlogSon Sned, who just started his blog yesterday. Please go visit and welcome him to the blogosphere!

Welcome, Sned!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No Real Surprise

My favorite Republican candidate of the field, and the best Conservative, in my opinion, is no longer in the race. Fred Thompson has announced his withdrawal from the race for the oval office. I could see the writing on the wall, especially after South Carolina, so I wasn't surprised to see the actual notice. But still, I'm bummed.

So I reviewed the remaining candidates and concluded that I have to line up along with my friend Francis Marion, and throw my support to Mitt Romney. He's had some experience at turning this around, and has been an Executive in both the public and private sectors, and with the Congress we have now, he's going to need all of it.

If any of you who have been Fred supporters are aiming in another direction, I would love to hear Who and Why. There's still a lot of Primary / Caucus activity to happen yet, and things are still up in the air.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Li'l bits

Yes, I know posting has been light almost non-existent around here for a while. Deal with it. But I have been trying to keep up on reading, and in finding interesting things, I decided to share.

My friend Atheist Crusader has some comments regarding Congress and the Religion of Pieces.

In the H&I post yesterday at Castle Argghhh, FbL pointed out an important note from Soldiers' Angels. To wit: No Slump for our Troops.

"Soldiers' Angels commit to sending support to our troops all year long, not just at the holidays, or around certain patriotic holidays. Troop rotations mean we have a lot of new troops signing up with us, but the slump means we don't have as many people signing up to adopt them.

If you are currently an angel, can you adopt another? If you have never adopted, why don't you give it a try? If you are a blogger, can you help spread the word? Our troops deserve our support, and we don't want to keep them waiting."

Spread the word, and take up the challenge.
If you want alternatives, go check out AnySoldier or any of the other support organizations I have listed at the right.

Nice Tribute

Sgt Hook points to a wonderful site which honors all who are serving and who have served ... Soldier Wall.

Visitors can add their own photos and highlights, and there is even a search function to see if your servicemember has been posted.

I've added a few good people, and as soon as I scrounge up some more images, I'll be adding others. Go check it out.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pretty close

Since the political season is heavy upon us, I snagged this quiz on political likeness from Uncle Jimbo over at Blackfive ... the results are not bad. Except for the fact that the outdated info still has Tancredo in it, it pretty much nailed my top choices.

83% Fred Thompson
81% Mitt Romney
80% Tom Tancredo
74% John McCain
64% Mike Huckabee
60% Rudy Giuliani
52% Ron Paul
30% Bill Richardson
30% John Edwards
29% Hillary Clinton
28% Joe Biden
24% Barack Obama
23% Chris Dodd
20% Mike Gravel
13% Dennis Kucinich

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

I'm a little concerned about the 13% congruency with Kucinich, though ... I might need an intervention!