Monday, February 28, 2005

Fusileers to Battle Stations ... Stand To

Dusty at Castle Argghhh! has called the Fusileers to action, in response to a plea for help from Matt at Blackfive :

Soldiers' Angel Robin - who leads the Armor Up program for Soldiers' Angels, needs four more kevlar blankets to give to a unit making it's second tour in Iraq. Each blanket costs $925 and meets DOD specs.

The last request came from an Army Infantry Captain (the former Commander of the unit) who was wounded and couldn't return with them.

The Challenge is to raise $3700 by 1700 Central time (5pm for those of us who don't live in military time!).

If you can give something to this cause, please use the link ( and help us raise the $3700 today.

Forward the links above, spread the word, everything will help.

We Can make a difference!

** UPDATE **

We Did, according to Robin, who commented at Blackfive that the goal for this request has been met. If you are able to, a donation will still go to the benefit of our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan - every little bit counts!