Monday, September 05, 2005

"Bless the beasts and the children ..." (updated)

From the outside, the wrangling of the various political entities strikes me a bit like a bunch of children fighting over the ownership of the playground. John has a good debate going on the topic here ... make sure that you read the comments, because that's where it gets going.

The news that truly depressed me tonight, though, was the reporting about people who have been forced to abandon their pets to be evacuated, and some who have chosen to stay - rather than leave their animals behind.

For some of us, our pets are our children - I can completely sympathize with people like the man in this story. Imagining my own neurotic little furball trying to fend for himself in a harsh world without safety, food or water is enough to break my heart.

Then I visited Castle Argghhh, where scrup'l Muffy reminds us all to think of these small (and sometimes large) Afterthoughts. She points out some of the groups who can use our help to aid these abandoned and trapped animals.

Places like the ASPCA (Hurricane help page) and the Pet Finder organization. Something as simple of clean water, and a dry crate, will be a huge improvement for these little friends who depend on us.

As Muffy says ...

life be tough teacher. gives test first, then lesson. hurricane test be hard on hy’umuns and lesson be painful. test be harder on others, who not know there be lesson to follow.

only know test.

only know hy’umuns left them, did not know why.

Muffy Speaks


NOTR at Rofasix
wouldn't leave his furry family members behind either. (H/T to John Donovan at Castle Argghhh!)