Saturday, September 10, 2005

Happy Saturday

WhooHoo!  Late last night the Visitor counter tripped over 20K.  The visitor was from Renton, Washington, and logged in around 10:39 pacific time.

Sorry, No prizes.  Leave a comment to let me know who you are, and thanks for stopping by!  

It's a nice, wet Saturday here in the PNW - surprise, surprise.  So I wandered around a bit to see what's shakin'.

Looks like The Crazy Ride Lady is getting used to her new equipment.   Curious AFSister uncovered the reason for Sean Penn to travel to New Orleans.  That Straight White Guy, Eric, celebrates 2 years of blogging - but he's worried about the new skirt design ... for men!

MSG Keith has a new Now and Then post up, and once again provides information you just won't find in the MSM.  Meanwhile, the Heartless Libertarian lives up to his moniker

Over at Diary of a Hollywood Refuge, the Huntress gives a detailed analysis of the poor box-office turn out for the summer.  She also has some juicy rants - just start here and work your way down!

Lex is off to Monterey to get his head filled to the brim.  I'm also going to be on the road for the next couple of weeks, so this post is my first attempt at posting by email.  Either way, though, I'm going to have way more fun in Europe ... Neener-Neener! 

Speaking of travel, have you ever wondered just how busy the U.S. skies are with air traffic?  Check out this movie of one day's traffic - it's cool, and a little bit scary!  (Note : the file is big, and may take a few minutes to download - give it time)  H/T to the Top Men at Wohba.

John of Argghhh! has updates on the Katrina relief efforts and support from foreign sources.  He also has a link to the best picture story of what really happened in New Orleans ... very eye opening, and awesome pictures!

In that vein, Blackfive shares a video showing the work of the 20th Special Forces National Guard unit in New Orleans. Watch closely towards the end of the video, as you see several rescued people and animals being transported - note the t-shirts of some of the DMAT CA-4 team from San Diego who are assisting. Yes, they take donations as well ... just sayin'.

Speaking of donations - Smash's Katrina donations challenge with Code Pink continues through Monday.  Get your donation to the American Red Cross added to the challenge.  Left / Right / Center, we don't care who donates, it's not about us - it's about the people who need to get their lives started over again, and the ones who are still in danger.  Go here to read the rules and make a donation.

There ... that should keep you busy for a few!