Friday, September 23, 2005

Quick Update from Venezia

We successfully navigated the AutoStradas and other roadways between Firenze and Venezia on Thursday, and checked into the lovely Westin Lido Palace, which is a lovely resort on Lido Island next to the actual island(s) of Venice.  The Adriatic is lovely, the sun is shining, and we couldn’t ask for better weather.


Friday was spent working on the trade balance on the glass islands(s) of Murano.  Many shops and many footsteps later, we realized that the shopping had to end, or we would need new luggage to take everything home!


In a few minutes, we will be walking down to the boat docks to again ride into Venice, today’s agenda is the Plaza San Marcos, then more shopping and other entertainments.  I may not have another chance to blog until Tuesday, since we arrive home on Monday after a full day of flying.