Sunday, September 11, 2005

Remembering 9/11

I was at work when we started getting news of the planes hitting the towers in New York City. A co-worker was watching the news on his computer, and he kept saying "One of the towers has collapsed", at which we scoffed - thinking that was impossible. Then I saw the image of the second tower, with smoke billowing out of it, and realized he was right. Disbelief and shock numbed me speechless.

We moved to the nearby conference room to watch the TV news, and I stood with other employees from all over our floor as we tried to absorb the horror of airplanes used as weapons, and the loss of life. I comforted a friend (also named Barb) who had family in the city - thankfully we learned the next day that they were safe.

Relief that I had no one close to me killed or injured was overshadowed by sadness for all of the families who would never be the same. I remember thinking at one point that I was relieved my own parents had already passed - because the horror would have broken their hearts.

The company sent out notice that volunteers were being accepted to man teams who would travel to the east coast to set up data centers, assist in the recovery of the systems of affected companies, coordinate free tech support, etc. Virtually all of our little team volunteered, although none were called. We continued to assist customers, with any call coming from the affected areas being routed as a priority.

It was four years ago, but these memories are as clear as ever. I don't think of them every day, but I pull them out to remember periodically - so that my resolve stays firm.

We are in a war - and we have to win it.

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