Friday, September 30, 2005

SFC Buzz Robertson is someone I want to know

Mr. Completely is another pacific northwest blogger who has joined the Project Valour blog team, and who I hope to meet one day soon. He started blogging about SFC Robert "Buzz" Robertson a few weeks ago, requesting that cards and emails of support be sent to help keep Buzz's spirits up.

I just received this email, and I am posting all of the relevant parts below.

I am writing to ask for your help.

My nephew, Sgt. Richard (Buzz) Robertson was wounded in Iraq last week. He had shrapnel in his liver and stomach. The worst of his injuries is a lacerated spinal cord. He is currently in Walter Reed Hospital and has a 50% chance of ever being able to walk again. Buzz and his unit were in an up-armored Humvee when they hit an IED near the border of Syria. Several of the men died so we are very lucky that Buzz is a survivor.

His wife and baby daughter are visiting him daily - and his mother, my sister, has been with him all week and will stay in Washington DC until they operate on his spine.

Meanwhile a crowd of Code Pink idiots are protesting the war outside of Walter Reed Hospital where the patients and their visitors can see them. My sister reports that instead of demoralizing her, it makes her angry for the lack of respect shown for our war heroes.

What Buzz needs most right now is to know that we as a nation are grateful for his service and wish him well. Please send him a cheerful get well or thank you card. Thank him for his service. Let him know your thoughts and prayers are with him.

Buzz's injuries are serious - with the worst being the damage to his spine. In the Wednesday Update, it looked like the next week would be spent preparing for transfer to a long-term rehabilitation facility for spinal injuries. However, the latest news is a bit of a setback, and notes that he will continue to be at Walter Reed a bit longer. Luckily his wife and 3-year old daughter are able to visit him every day.

Also contained in Mr. Completely's update yesterday is the news of another of Buzz's mates arriving at WR ... one of the soldiers, in fact, who helped to pull Buzz from his destroyed vehicle. Chuck Yerry needs to hear from all of us as well - he has already lost most of his right leg, and there is damage to his left as well. Please go visit Mr. Completely to get the contact information, send emails, send cards, and keep these men and their families in your thoughts and prayers!

Lastly - to all of those who drove Project Valour, and donated to it and to Soldiers' Angels, here is a wonderful example of the positive effect. You see, Buzz is using a laptop brought to him at Walter Reed by the Soldiers' Angels group ... This is what it's all about, people!

UPDATE : Here are the addresses for Buzz and Chuck...

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Patient: SFC Richard C. Robertson
Room 5861
6900 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20307

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Patient: Chuck Yerry
Room 5734
6900 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20307

Also, you can send emails of support to either Chuck or Buzz at:


The same action that wounded Buzz took the lives of three other men in his unit / task group :

Sgt. 1st Class Trevor J. Diesing, 30, of Plum City, Wis.
Master Sgt. Ivica Jerak, 42, of Houston, Texas.
Cpl. Timothy M. Shea, 22, of Sonoma, Calif.

You can read more about them at Echo9er's site , where there are links to the DoD announcement.