Sunday, May 07, 2006

Go to the Movies

I read Capt B's review of United 93 this morning, and some thoughts that have been swirling in my head came to the forefront and demanded equal time.

He describes the intensity of watching the events unfold:

No surprises in the movie. Yes, it ends like you're fearing and know it's going to. BUT, it does give a very good detailed description of what they have pieced together of the occurrences that transpired that day. As events unfold and footage from the attacks on the World Trade Center are shown, I began to get that nervous chest tightening feeling again as I experienced in theater before going out on convoys. I knew what was coming up in the movie and although not sure of the details I knew the tragic outcome.

Not that I have any idea what it's like to rev up to go 'outside the wire' in a war zone, but that tension in the chest was there.

I left the theater with that pissed off I wanna go stomp some more Monkey Ass feeling in my gut!. Angry as the movie reminds people in the theater WHY we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Angry because in the jumbo theater I was in, Flt 93 was only in one theater of 12 in the building. Angry because the theater I was in was only half full. Meanwhile little girlie man "Tommy Cruise" is running around with his wireless mike trying to complete MI III. There should be a line outside of people wanting to see the movie Flt 93. Not ready for it? Scared? Not wanting to face the ending all over again because you know the result?? Bullshit. Get you ass out there and see it.

That's it, folks. The bottom line is that you must see this movie, to prove to hollyweird that we value true stories about real heroes far more than high-paid actors playing at being heroes.

Waiting until the movie hits DVD will not help deliver the message Right Now.

The Huntress recently gave a run-down of the kinds of stories that the film industry is working on.
Not one story about the daily inspiring heroic accomplishments of our troops...just stories about one man's failure, one man's dissent, one man's controversial assertions about Pres Bush and the military, the underside of the situation in Iraq with the kidnapping of a journalist; the challenges soldiers face when returning from war and trying to find the "new normal", and the pain that families face when their loved ones pay the ultimate price.
Hoo-fucking-ray for Hollywood. Asshats!

Every time we go to a theater and buy a ticket for a little entertainment, we are voting for more of the same. We send messages straight to the movie makers and elitists in the film industry to make that kind of film again. We all know how filmmakers like to repeat success - and that they care about two things : money and recognition. We can't give the right movies Oscars, but we can vote with our feet and wallets.

The message we need to send about United 93 is that we aren't satisfied with watching fake heroes - we have real ones, and we want to see more of them. So enter your vote by buying a ticket, even if - like Varifrank - you can't bear to walk into the theater and watch the movie.

If you can convince someone to go with you, all the better. And if you know people who are not so firm in their resolve that we are at war, and must win it - buy them a ticket and take them with you. It'll be good for both of you.

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