Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Milblogs Lead the Way!

Check out the new Milblogs DB site - thanks to Greyhawk and Mrs. Greyhawk. Our favorite milbloggers posting more great stories to augment (NOT replace) the high-quality posts on their own blogs. The Armorer, Smash, Blackfive, Sgt. Hook and many more - think of it as the Castle's H&I Fires on steriods ... or some kind of hormone, anyways!


Here's just a taste of the goodness ...

Calling All Lawyers / Smash
How does the Posse Comitatus Act affect President Bush's plan to deploy up to 6,000 Guard troops to the border?

Asian/Pacific Americans in the U.S. Army / Sgt. Hook
May marks the month we recognize the contributions of Asian/Pacific Islanders to the defense of America through their service in the military.

Ports, Straits and the purpose of the Navy / Eagle1
Oil tanker as mine sweeper? Operation Earnest Will, anyone? I do have a nice poster from my old Naval Control of Shipping days of the Bridgeton leading her 'escorts."