Friday, June 16, 2006

Great news for VALOUR IT!

FbL has updated the numbers over at the Project VALOUR IT blog ... and they look pretty good. Over $14,000 has been donated since last Friday ... WAHOO!! Check it out here.

What kind of impact has this project had so far? The 500th laptop was shipped the other day. That's 500 computers equipped with voice-activation software, in the possession of 500 wounded heroes ... a mighty big impact, I'd say!

So to every person who donated to this great cause - I say Thank You.

If you've been thinking of donating, and just needed a reminder ... here it is. Please go add something to the coffers to keep this wonderful success going. Click on the image to go directly to the Donate Now page for Project VALOUR IT. Or visit the project website, and read more about the project and its successes.

If you are a blogger - please join the effort, and help spread the word. Visit Castle Argghhh! for a list of bloggers who have joined already, and link to the stories - every little bit helps.

Work with us - Donate!