Sunday, June 25, 2006

Troop Support: Mission Accomplished

Bad Cat Robot and I joined the great folks at Operation Support Our Troops yesterday at Ft. Lewis, to ensure that the soldiers of the 3rd "Arrowhead Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division left for their second deployment to Iraq knowing that we support them and their mission. The anti-war / pro-Watada crowd has been trying to demoralize our troops by staging protests as troops deploy, so our goal was simply to counter their attempts and show a greater presence of support to those preparing to deploy.

The day was a success - as we joined 20-30 other patriotic citizens at the DuPont exit from I-5 south of Tacoma. Flags were waved and signs showing support and Thanks were held high, as we waved at all who passed. Many vehicles went by with multiple soldiers riding high, cheering back at us, and some saluting the flags as they rode through.

Our group was cheerful and friendly, and much better looking than the anti-war gaggle. I personally enjoyed talking with several vets. One gentleman who served in WWII stood and chatted with me for a while. Although in his 80's, he stays active with 4-H, teaching youngsters to shoot safely -- still giving back to the community. At one point, he looked over at one of the signs held by the war protestors, and said to me "Who are these people Benderman and Watada?". So I explained to him about Kevin Benderman, currently serving time in the stockade, and Ehren Watada, who so publicly announced he would not deploy with his troops. His expression changed, as if he'd bitten into a large sour lemon, and he said "That's not right". I agreed with him whole-heartedly, and thanked him again for his service.

Watada is, of course, the current poster child for the protestors, as this simple sign indicates...

Protestor with sign - Free Speech for Lt. Watada

However, our side had a seekrit weapon - carrying her own special signs. Check out the long-haired chickie in this pic...

click for larger image

Her goal for the day was to be close to the anti-war group, to sorta help them out. Heh - she seemed to perform her assigned task quite well.

Other high points at the rally:

  • Watching one of the moonbats attempt to attach a large Support Lt. Watada '2516 Dead for a Lie' banner directly to the Ft. Lewis fence, and the responding Ft. Lewis police explaining to said moonbat that he was messing with government property, and must cease and desist!
  • Observing a woman stroll up and down -in the exist ramp- attempting to hand out anti-war flyers, and watching the responding State Patrol officers (four of them!) arrive to explain the facts of life to Her.
  • Counting the number of people who gave a Thumbs Up to the "Jail Weasel Watada" sign.
  • Big smiles and happy waves from the children in the passing cars!

Of course, BCR and I had a separate mission to perform, which we fulfilled on our way to the rally. A full recon of the new Corina Bakery was called for ... and we were up to the task! We successfully infiltrated the site, posing as buying customers, and were forced ... Forced, I tell you ... to acquire sizable quantities of baked goods to maintain our cover. Two dozen chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies, along with a selection of large (5" x 5") dessert bars, as well as two milks, were the price of the mission. Sadly, of course, none of this evidence survived the day - in fact the cookies were a huge hit at the rally!

All in all, a successful Decadence Day!

** UPDATE **

For a second AAR, and more pics, go visit Snarkatron (BCR).