Sunday, September 10, 2006

Remembering the past, Honoring the fallen

As we observe the 5th anniversary of the cowardly attacks on our country, I have several images in my mind. Images of destruction and pain, and images of bravery and sacrifice.

The 2996 project is about the people we lost in New York City, at the Pentagon, and in a field in Pennsylvania. These people were our family, friends, sisters, brothers, children, parents, co-workers, and neighbors. Each one is missed by his or her loved ones every day. We owe it to every one of them to remember their names and their lives. It could have been any one of us.

Here are some of their stories, as told by bloggers who each present one individual to remember and cherish:

Links added Sept. 12:

Alexander Lygin from Sgt Hook

Rick Rescorla at Mudville Gazette. Don't miss the timeline pictures below Rick's post.

Added at 9pm Pacific time:

Carol K. Demitz from Teresa at Technicalities

Stephen Poulos from Seawitch at Thoughts by Seawitch

Lt. Dennis Mojica from Two Babes and a Brain

Gregory Sikorsky from Frank J. at IMAO

Rahma Salie from That1Guy at Drunken Wisdom

(T1G also has a link post going - please go visit him for more tribute links)

Jonathan C. Randall from Michael at DownEast Blog

Efrain Franco Romero, Sr. from Damian at Conservathink

Daniel L. Maher from Conservative Schooler

Don Simmons from Boudicca at Boudicca's Voice

Lorraine G. Bay from ALa at MobyRebuttal

Original list:

Milagros Hromada from the 2996 Project blog

Mike Horrocks from TacoBell at Sandgram

Max Beilke from Echo9er

Timoth Patrick McSweeney from Fuzzybear Lioness at Fuzzilicious Thinking.

Lydia Estelle Bravo from Cass at Villainous Company

John J. Tobin from Snarkatron at Snark Patrol

James Sands Jr. from Sgt B at The Gun Line

Davin Peterson from AFSister at My Side of the Puddle

John Chipura from LindaSOG at Something … and Half of Something

Matthew Lancelot Ryan from Blackfive

Davis Grier “Deeg” Sezna, Jr. and Daphne Ferlinda Elder from Anna at A Rose by any other Name

Michelle Coyle-Eulau from DadManley

Kenneth “Ken” Swenson from MajorDad1984 at Cursed by a Classical Education

Father Mychal Judge from HFS at HomeFrontSix

Benjamin “Keefe” Clark from David at Random Nuclear Strikes

** UPDATE **

More tributes added ...

Karl W. Teepe and Police Officer Vincent Danz from John at Castle Argghhh

Heather Lee Smith from Lex at Neptunus Lex

This is not close to an exhaustive list. Murray of Hitting Metal with a Hammer has a complete list of the names here.

I hope to update the links as I get time.

Remember them always …