Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Good stuff

I can't keep up with all the good reading material out there. Here's just a few of the posts that have captured my attention...

John of Castle Argghhh shares a tale of two Marine mothers, one who's son gave his life for his brothers, and one who has to live with the fact. Read the whole story, and thank whatever providence you wish that we have men like Cpl. Dunham and Cpl. Miller.

Mike Yon is back in Iraq, and Walking the Line.

Jack Army says he is at War. Yes, he's in Iraq, but that isn't what he means.

Homefront Six fisks Watada, as only a military spouse with a hubby serving in Iraq can. Way to go, HfS!

At SpouseBuzz, Airforcewife reminds the so-called News Media that there is a time to write about events, and a time to Shut Up.

Francis Marion points to some news from the front - although it is not the front you may be thinking. He's in one of those other places. It's not called the GWOT for nothing.

Chuck defines a Bad American ... and his definition works fine for me as well.

Maj Pain shares a Secret Letter from a Marine in Iraq - a must read!

Matty at Blackfive has an awesome collection of links to help prepare for thoughtful listening to the President on Wednesday.