Monday, February 05, 2007

Fisking Arkin

In the Castle Argghhh H&I post today, John pointed out a post by Dusty that I'd managed to miss. (Yeah, Boq - 50 lashes with the wet noodle). Dusty's fisking of Arkin for his blathering and stupid statements on supporting the troops is a must-read ... go now.

Also not to be missed is Cassandra's two part take : Original and Part Deux.

For down to earth straight forward smack-downs, though, don't miss Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive.

*** UPDATE ***

Francis Marion, who is currently serving with Army SF in the Philippines adds his viewpoint on Arkin and others of his ilk. His reasons for serving speak volumes:

"Some call me a mercenary just because I receive a – less than honest – wage. Can I apologize now for needing some money to live on? If I had alternative means to support my family, I would still be here even without pay if necessary because the job must be done! I have walked on foreign soil and have seen the price paid by those who do not stand up against despots and I will not lay that burden on my children."

[emphasis added]

Go ... read the whole thing.