Thursday, February 22, 2007

Milbloggies - Pick your favs

I've logged my Milbloggie votes -- now it's your turn. Go vote for your choice in each of the categories. The voting closes on the 27th, so don't waste any time! Yes, you will need to register with in order to cast votes.

After I finished selecting my choices, I scanned the Recently Updated list to see what was new. And wandered right into two blogs owned by Amy and Joel Maxwell. Joel is an officer in the Army Reserve, currently activated and deployed in Afghanistan, and just barely arrived in country. His post on separating from his family went straight to my heart. I couldn't help but grin as I read his wife Amy's blog post describing herself and their family, especially as I read her 'Lessons Learned'. I have the feeling that Chaplain Candidate Maxwell is going to bring comfort to many a soldier in her career! But first, she and the children must make it through Joel's Deployment.

This is the kind of spirit and service that both humbles me, and makes me incredibly grateful. Thank you, Amy and Joel.