Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Interesting things

No theme, just random links to things that caught my eye.

My blogson explains the parallel between policing the ghetto and being a Marine in Iraq, in Defense of the Defenseless.

@WR shares what would be a joke, except for being the truth.

Check out the letter from Marine SSgt Farrar, posted at He is part of the Semper Fi Society at the Citadel, and needs some help with a project.

In other odd happenings,
... Jack points out the illogic of certain folks regarding Daylight Savings Time.
... Lex takes wicked pleasure in the reaction to the movie "300".
... Bad Cat Robot would be reading Physics Today ... and blogging about it.
... Wayne wants to know if he can have some of your willows.

Finally, John Donovan shows his warrior poet side in memory of his mother, a woman who obviously took great joy in her life and family.