Wednesday, May 23, 2007


My post "Where are we headed?" opened the question of the tidings for our future, and a hope for the same. Make sure, by the way, to read the cogent comments in that post from some who have seen the elephant. Very important.

In particular, I want to highlight the words left behind by Francis Marion:

I wrote this a few weeks ago when I was struggling with some of the same thoughts...


There is an ugly place and I go there often
I go there to keep it from spreading to your place
When it does not spread you do not see it
When you do not see it you do not understand it
That which you do not understand is ignored
That which is ignored becomes an ugly place

Today, Bill Whittle has posted his Good News in this same vein. So grab a pot (a cup won't do it!) of coffee, and settle in to read:
You are Not Alone (part 1)
You are Not Alone (part 2)

When you have registered that completely, continue on to his initiation post for Building Ejectia. You see, the whole concept of You are not Alone, is that we build Ejectia together. Now get reading!