Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

Before you take off today for picnics or cookouts, or boating or golfing, whatever enjoyment awaits you with family and friends, remember those who have died in uniform. They served, and whether they fell in uniform or passed on in later years, we should take time to honor their service. That is the real meaning of Memorial Day, and it is sometimes lost.

John Donovan remembers , and his memory is long, and broad.

Blackfive remembers.

Francis Marion remembers.

Maj Pain remembers.

Lex remembers.

Sgt. Hook remembers.

We remember 1st Lt. Laura M. Walker and Sgt. Robert G. Davis, who died in Afghanistan.

We remember Pfc. Devon Gibbons, who died from wounds received in Iraq.

We remember Sgt Adam Cann/USMC, who died in Iraq.

I remember my father, Robert M. Stanley, who joined the Army in 1943 as a gawky teenager to fight against Hitler, and came home to marry the girl next door and live the American Dream.

** Update **

Fellow Denizenne Kat created a beautiful and moving video tribute, which she shares in her post Remember Them - Memorial Day.

Enjoy your day ... and Remember the reason that you have the freedom to do so.