Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remember Why We Fight

The Global War on Terror came to our shores 6 years ago today. It didn't start here, but we must never forget, and never stop fighting.

John remembers.
Bill remembers.
Beth remembers.
Cassandra remembers.
FbL remembers.
AFSister remembers.
Boston Maggie remembers.
Homefront Six remembers.
Lex remembers.
Maj Pain remembers.
Greyhawk and Mrs. Greyhawk remember ... just start at the top and scroll down.
Trias, our Aussie Denizen, remembers.
Blackfive remembers, and shares the memorial of Marian Jordan Lewandowski of Poland. Jordan is a fine photographer and wonderful supporter of the U.S. and the war on terror. (The MJL Photography web site is currently having problems.)

** Added **
Sgt B remembers.
Kat remembers.
Murray remembers ... each individual.

The U.S. Department of Defense remembers.

Today I will remember by walking with Operation Homefront at the local Freedom Walk.