Monday, November 26, 2007

Great news for Soldiers' Angels

The final tally is in for the Project Valour-IT Fundraiser, and Team Army led the pack this year. Now if the Army football team can only carry that success onto the field this weekend ... heh!

This year's fundraising competition raised
for the Valour-IT project of Soldiers' Angels, and that's a reason to Celebrate! That translates to over 300 laptops for our wounded troops, and it's something to be very proud of.

I noticed another great item while reading Something to be Very Thankful For at Chuck's place. Commenter H. L. DeVore noted something special that his company has done for Soldiers' Angels...

... You gave me a brief demo of a voice activated laptop. I didn't appreciate appropriately at the time meeting you. I do now. Hope to meet again in person some day. I've donated 280,000 holiday cards to Patti and Soldiers' Angels, however even more meaningful to me and my company are the three laptops that we are presenting to soldiers at our offices on this coming Friday (Nov. 30th). [emphasis added]

You can read more about the card donation at The Gallery Collection company's Greeting Card Blog, and check out the very nice line of patriotic holiday cards on their web site.

Thank You to Mr. DeVore and all of the folks at The Gallery Collection for supporting Soldiers' Angels and our troops!!!